...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



Cavalle torturate per un ormone destinato all’industria degli allevamenti intensivi


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VIDEO - PMSG documentary

The PMSG campaign (AWF website)



VIDEO: blood farms in Iceland

VIDEO: the Syntex blood farm in Argentina

VIDEO: blood farms in South America



NEW PETITION WITH CARE2: end PMSG import, production, and use in the European Union

PETITION: stop blood farms in Iceland

PETITION to the Italian Ministry of Health: No to Fixplan in Italy

PETITION to the EU Parliament: stop blood farms



Blood farms in Iceland: new regulations, but we want a definitive stop. Sign the petition

IHP writes to the Italian Government: stop importation of PMSG immediately (May 2022)

The Guardian article 16 May 2022

Blood farms: associations do not give up (May 2022)

Blood farms: ONG write to the European Commissioner (December 2021)

European Parliament calls for ban the production and import of PMSG (November 2021)

Iceland investigation: drugs produced by torturing pregnant mares (November 2021)

European Parliament moves on horse meat imports and blood farms (September 2021)

4 MEPs ask the minister not to authorise Fixplan, which comes from torturing horses (June 2021)

More than 25000 signatures against the drug produced by torturing horses (April 2021)

Fixplan - the case of the drug produced by the torture of pregnant mares lands in Italian Parliament (April 2021)

IHP to the ministry of Health: block the authorization of the drug produced by the torture of mares (March 2021)

Justice investigates the extraction of blood from pregnant mares (March 2021)

The blood farms: a macabre business revealed by an investigation (February 2017)


IHP is an independent association dedicated to the welfare of all equids. We combat abuse and ill-treatment and strive for a legislative and cultural change that can lead to the recognition of the rights of horses. We also run the first rescue centre in Italy for equines seized for mistreatment. We do not receive any public funding, nor are we reimbursed by the Public Prosecution Offices for the custody of the horses handed over to us. We can only count on donations and fundraising initiatives. You too can participate in our activities or support us with a donation of any amount.