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IHP to the ministry of Health: block the authorization of the drug produced by the torture of mares


«Fixplan is a drug produced with the blood of pregnant mares used in intensive farming for the production of meat. Italy cannot accept this scamp, widely documented by international investigations"

The Argentinian company Syntex S.A. tries again, asking for authorization for the placing on the European market of the Fixplan preparation, the active principle which comes from the torture of pregnant mares on blood farms in South America, where up to ten liters of blood are taken a week from each pregnant mare. This is the complaint of IHP, Italian Horse Protection, the first Italian association for the protection of horses based in Volterra, Tuscany.

"A cruel process - which also includes the induction of repeated abortions - which is used to extract the hormone used in the production of a drug which is then administered in intensive farms for meat production in Europe, to induce sows, cattle and sheeps to be fertile immediately after giving birth, to make as little as possible to be used for slaughter - says the President of the IHP association, Sonny Richichi -. With the Fixplan, the Syntex company aims to recover customers who have stopped buying the hormone for other drugs that were on the market until 2018, following the protests that broke out in Europe ".

«Drugs containing the same active principle coming from Syntex SA itself have been distributed in Europe for many years under the trade names of Crono-Gest, Ciclogonina, Syncrostim and others. Then, following the protests of numerous animal welfare organizations, including IHP, they were withdrawn from the market - adds Richichi - The torture of pregnant mares has been documented since 2015. For this reason, many European companies had already stopped using the active principle equine flossy Gonadotropin (PMSG) by 2018. In recent weeks, Syntex has asked the European authorities for authorization to sell the new product, the Fixplan, in Europe, and has made the request through the so-called "decentralized procedure" according to which each individual country must give its own go-ahead which has already been granted by Germany, Ireland and Spain ». The request is currently being examined by the Italian Ministry of Health. "We invited the Ministry to impose its ban on the product with a letter that has not received a reply to date - continues Richichi - attaching the results of the numerous investigations conducted by the international network of associations to which IHP belongs to documents, photos and videos showing the torment of pregnant mares in Argentina, on the basis of which two criminal complaints were also filed, one in Argentina and one in Germany. We strongly ask the Italian authorities not to grant authorization for the marketing of this drug ».

(photo: © Animal Welfare Foundation)





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