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Horsemeat imports and blood farms: something is moving in the European Parliament


IHP Italian partner of the coalition of associations pushing for change.

On September 10, the AGRI and ENVI committees of the European Parliament adopted by a large majority (94 in favour, 20 against and 10 abstentions) the draft report on the "Farm to Fork strategy": a series of measures for a fair, healthy and ecological food system leading to a systematic change of rules, with a greater attention to animal welfare in the EU.

Among the many amendments approved by the AGRI and ENVI committees, two concern horses and are the result of our efforts in recent years:

1) The request to the EC and member states to stop the import and domestic production of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG), the hormone that is extracted from the blood of pregnant mares, with brutal and systematic mistreatment widely documented (see link at the bottom).

2) The request to the EC to suspend the import of horsemeat "from countries where EU traceability and animal welfare requirements are not met": meat from North and South America and Australia, from animals mistreated, stolen and often used in racing until a few days before slaughter, without adequate controls (see link at bottom).

Although not all the demands of the animal welfare associations have been taken on board, in general the amendments adopted testify to the willingness of many MEPs to make EU animal welfare standards applicable to third countries.

The plenary vote on the report is scheduled for early October. We will keep you updated, hoping that the wishes will be translated into concrete commitments and a step forward in animal protection in Europe.

HORSE MEAT Campaign: stop importing horsemeat

PMSG Campaign: stop torturing pregnant mares

Source: Eurogroup for Animals