...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...




Live an experience at our Rescue Centre or help us from a distance

We are engaged every day on many fronts: reporting abuse, verifying reports, supporting the police, promoting laws and regulations to protect horses, disseminating scientific knowledge and rescuing and caring for animals rescued from mistreatment and slaughter.
IHP manages the first rescue centre in Italy for equines seized for ill-treatment, where they live free in large spaces and in herds. The Centre, recognised by a Decree of the Ministry of Health in 2009, currently hosts more than 40 equines, many of which are seized by the Judicial Authority.

Every year we welcome volunteers for one or more weeks from all over the world. Here, you can actively participate in the life of the rescue centre, contribute to the care of the horses and learn a lot about these beautiful animals! To get all the information, send an e-mail to ihp@horseprotection.it and we will send you all the details about the volunteer programme.

Volunteering at the IHP rescue centre is a unique, exciting and engaging experience:

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IHP is an independent association that works for the protection of horses and other equids, combating mistreatment and abuse, working for a regulatory and cultural change that leads to the recognition of their rights, also through scientific dissemination. In addition, IHP rescues equines seized by the authorities for mistreatment, which houses at its own rescue centre, recognised by the Ministry of Health Decree of 23/12/2009.
IHP receives no public funds for its institutional activities nor for the maintenance and care of the animals taken into judicial custody.