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Horse racing: two horses dead in France


It has hit the news only because they were two harness racing champions and therefore top-earning horses: Aubrion du Gers and Cyrano du Pont died two days ago following a head-on collision during track training. Aubrion du Gers has won awards for over 2.5 million Euro.

In the world of racing, the value of a horse’s life is directly proportional to the profits earned through his use: life, death and money are all connected together.

Many accidents occur in racing every year, sometimes fatal (only to mention official racing). Yet, no one talks about the horses unless they are “champions”.

Indeed, talking about accidents and deaths is a very uncomfortable topic for the racing world. It’s the same for horses retired because they have reached the end of their career or those considered not fit for purpose (sometimes when they are still foals): their destiny is shrouded in mystery, a dense curtain of fog which is anything but transparent beyond which, too often, there is illegal racing, more or less legal slaughtering, one-way trips overseas and exploitation of various kinds.

(photos and news taken from Le Parisien and Torontopat)


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