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Horse racing: another horse dies on the trotting racecourse


In the wake of Aramist (4 years old) on 26 May, and Billionaire Glory (3 years old) on 1 June, yesterday it was the turn of Zufolo Grif, just 5 years old, to lose his life on the racetrack, this time in Follonica (GR), the same hippodrome where another horse, Bianco E Nero, was euthanised following a broken leg in a fall in a flatrace.

From comments on social media, it seems that Zufolo Grif, in the warmup before the race, was extremely agitated, to the point of being almost unmanageable by his driver, Rebecca Dami.
The horse began to stagger and then collapsed to the ground and died minutes later.

Rumours, therefore unverifiable, say the attendant vet diagnosed death by aneurism.

IHP has reported this as an urgent matter to the NAS, requesting the appropriate examination of the horse.

Zufolo Grif, son of Varenne, was but 5 years old yet had already run in 31 races, winning 10, and earning €42,500.


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