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Horse-drawn carriages, IHP: “Utter hypocrisy”


The president of Italian Horse Protection, Richichi, says: “Mayor Roberto Gualtieri’s act bypasses the real problem, which is inappropriate use of animals”

“The Municipality of Rome issued an ordinance on horses used to pull carriages for tourists in the capital. In addition to the driving bans imposed since 2011, there is an additional ban that starts at 11am until 6pm on days with heat wave levels 2 and 3. But this act actually bypasses the real problem, which is seeing animals out of their natural environment”.

This was the statement made by Sonny Richichi, president of Italian Horse Protection.

Richichi notes the “nonsense that transpires from the ordinance which, in the introduction, admits that horses, due to their physical and physiological characteristics, are particularly sensitive to high temperatures, especially in urban areas, where they are also affected by air pollution and by the concentration of fine particles. Forcing horses to pull carriages in the centre of Rome for the entertainment of tourists is inhuman. There is no attention towards these animals. Another example is the passage where we can read that on days when the circulation of horse-drawn carriages is banned, 'adequate movement' and 'physical exercise' must be granted to horses, taking into account their 'specific ethological needs'. But it doesn’t mention their need for social life or freedom of movement in large spaces”.

“Whether it is a matter of ignorance or a deliberate compromise to the detriment of these animals”, concludes the president of IHP, “in all cases we believe that it is hypocritical to present such a measure as being in the vanguard of horse protection. The only real protection that should be put in place by the local authorities is to replace this service with mechanical vehicles instead of exploiting animals. While waiting for a decision at government level, the presence of carriages in the city should be abolished in the Highway Code”.



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