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Palermo, horse-drawn tourist carriages, IHP: “Expert Committee Report Insufficient”


IHP President, Sonny Richichi, rejects the Comune’s decisions 

To start with, we are very dissatisfied not to have been included in the specialist committee set up by the Comune to deliberate amendments to the regulations governing horse-drawn carriages in the city of Palermo, in spite of having made our willingness and availability very clear. Not one single representative from an animal welfare association sat on that committee, which was composed only of veterinary practitioners and members from the various public authorities.  This was very much to be regretted, given that the matter of animal welfare was being discussed.”Sonny Richichi, President of IHP, the first Italian association dedicated to the welfare of equids, made this comment about the Comune of Palermo’s approach to examining and updating the Ordinance governing the “service” of horse-drawn carriages, which has recently been widely and severely criticised.

We would have willingly given our best recommendations for the welfare of the horses, while the Comune limited discussions to the general regulation of the service, without spending one single word on the daily lives these animals are forced to endure, days which at best are spent between the shafts of a carriage, or confined in a stable. So, once again,we see that the welfare of these animals is nowhere within the sights of the Comune’s administration, which has merely made a show of doing something.  Fine, well this ‘something’ falls way short of sufficient”, concludes the President of Italian Horse Protection.



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