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This horse meat is imported in Italy


Numerous raids, carried out by the Argentine authorities on horse farms destined for slaughter and on a horse meat packing and packaging company, led to the seizure of, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, cash, stamps, false certifications, documents of interest to the investigation and 144 horses in poor health conditions.

The investigation had begun in 2017 following complaints of repeated health violations by an equine stockist whose animals are destined for slaughter, mainly at the slaughterhouse located in the city of Mercedes in the province of Buenos Aires.
In particular, the differences in the livestock stock between the records of the agency and those of the stockman's rural establishments were investigated. On these farms there had been significant movements of equines whose meat is destined for the European Union, Russia and Japan, without proper documentation, both on entry and exit of the animals, which made it impossible to know the health status of the horses.

We remember that Italy imports large quantities of horse meat from Argentina (2,900 tonnes in 2019). Read our article to learn more

Source: Ministerio Público Fiscal, Argentina



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