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Stop horsemeat imports: new investigation in Uruguay, Sarel slaughterhouse. International petition


The production of horsemeat in Canada, Uruguay, Argentina and Australia, which we also import into Italy, is a chain of mistreatment and severe suffering inflicted on horses that are often of dubious provenance (stolen or racetrack rejects).

These images, filmed in Uruguay in the Sarel slaughterhouse, show systematic abuse of the horses: left without food, without shelters, without care even in the case of serious injuries. The health authorities' controls are manipulated, which is why we continue to import the meat of those horses into Europe, including Italy, as if everything was just fine.

TIn order to put a stop to all this, an international network of Associations from several countries (IHP for Italy) has launched a PETITION to the EUROPEAN COMMISSION

Undercover investigations conducted in those countries have shown that horses are systematically mistreated and tortured. Breeders and slaughterhouse owners are given advance notice of inspections, and of course they manage to cover it up in time.

Now it is time to stop themSIGN THE PETITION


IHP is the Italian partner of an international network of associations working to stop the import of horsemeat into Europe and the production of drugs derived from the exploitation of pregnant mares. Through scientific and legislative investigations and research, we try to put pressure on the European Commission to take serious and urgent action.



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