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Palermo, Carabinieri raid on drug traffickers


In 2018, a horse was killed and another was injured in a fight between rival gangs.

Criminal organisation aimed at the trafficking, distribution and holding of drugs for commercial purposes are the charges against 22 persons (8 in prison, 9 under house arrest, 5 obliged to report to the local police station).

The order was issued by the Palermo Preliminary Investigating Judge (GIP) following a long period of investigation coordinated by the Anti-Mafia District Directorate (DDA), and was enforced yesterday morning by the Carabinieri, Legion of Carini.

The investigation started in 2018, when two horses were seriously injured—one of them fatally—in a stable. They were probably victims of a dispute between criminal gangs and shot by way of retaliation. The Carabinieri investigations discovered the existence of two gangs that disputed the predominance over the cocaine, hashish and marijuana markets. Until today’s epilogue.

Source: Carabinieri

Video of the raid



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