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Noto (SR): applause to the Carabinieri who intervened to block a clandestine race


The military police of Noto in the province of Siracusa (Sicily) intervened at dawn yesterday after being informed about a clandestine race that was going to take place on State Road 287. They managed to block ten people on the roadside, who were riding motorbikes and scooters and waiting for the horses to arrive.

But this was not enough to make the criminals give up: a few hours later the clandestine race took place in broad daylight, blocking traffic. However, an unmarked police car was there too and the police intervened again, managing to report 16 people in the general stampede. The Carabinieri also managed to trace and seize one of the horses.

It is yet another demonstration of how clandestine races are not just a business, but an exhibition of power among mafia groups.

On January 22, a race took place in Syracuse and some participants even shared a video on Facebook: thanks to these images, the Carabinieri have been able to identify and charge 8 people and seize a horse (watch the video)..



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