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Fixplan, the drug produced by torturing horses: 4 European parliamentarians ask the minister Speranza to deny its authorization


Thanks to the initiative of Eleonora Evi, deputy at the European Parliament(MEP) for Europa Verde, four MEPs wrote to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza requesting to deny the authorization for the marketing in Italy of Fixplan, a drug produced by the Argentine company Syntex through the torture of pregnant mares and used in intensive farming to maximize meat production.

 “Several international investigations have documented the abuse and suffering to which the mares are subjected, including withdrawing up to ten liters of blood a week for the production of this drug. This process causes systematic abortions in an advanced stage of pregnancy, putting the health of the mares at risk and leading to the death of the aborted foals, in a condition of severe agony. Video documents shot undercover also show continuous mistreatment, documenting how mares are beaten with sticks and repeatedly hit with electric prods "- said MEP Vice-President of the intergroup for animal welfare in the European Parliament.

 "Many citizens have shown their disdain and indignation towards these inhumane practices by signing an online petition to ask Minister Speranza to deny the authorization to sell Fixplan in Italy. I join them in a heartfelt appeal to the Minister so that our government does not contribute to promoting such barbarism and does not allow those who torture animals to make profits in our country ”- concludes Evi.

The letter is signed by Eleonora Evi, Rosa D'Amato, Piernicola Pedicini and Ignazio Corrao.

In the intererim, the petition has reached almost 35,000 signatures: Click here to sign and share it: PETITION: No to Fixplan: stop horse abuse

VIDEO: the Syntex blood farms



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