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Blood farms: petition to the EU Parliament


Since 2015, Tierschutzbund Zürich (TSB) and the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) have been investigating blood farms in Argentina and Uruguay. The companies Biomega and Syntex are running the biggest blood farms in South America and are responsible for the suffering of thousands of pregnant mares whose blood is extracted for the production of the fertility hormone PMSG. This hormone is imported to the EU and used to boost profits in factory farming.

The blood collection is a painful process for the pregnant animals. The mares are beaten into restraint boxes with the use of iron hooks and their blood is taken forcefully. They are fearful of the workers and panic. Inserting the cannula is very painful. Large volumes of blood are taken from the mares regardless of their health condition. Even seriously injured mares are not excluded from the blood extraction process. As a result of the high blood loss, many mares become anaemic and emaciated, but they are left to themselves and injuries remain untreated. The mares die young, also because of the consequences of systematic abortions.

Please support our petition to the EU Parliament with your signature and call for an import ban on PMSG from South America.

How you can support the petition:

1. Create a user account

2. Use this direct link to the petition No 0076/2019 by Manuela Giacomini (Italy), on behalf of AWF

3. Sign the petition (you must be logged to do it).

Many thanks for your help!



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