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Equine infectious anaemia

There are also a few horses positive to the Infectious Equine Anaemia test staying at the IHP, in a large paddock specially authorised by the appropriate Unità Sanitaria Locale (Local Health Authority).
It all began in 2007, when a ministerial Order was issued to combat the spread of infectious equine anaemia. Blood samples were taken from all the horses so that the so-called “Coggins Test” could be carried out (as still goes on today). Nestore’s test result was positive so, in accordance with the Order, he had to be kept apart from the other horses.
The Local Health Authority found a paddock that fulfilled the required distance criteria, and Nestore was moved there. He was soon joined by other equine friends from different parts of Italy who had also tested positive. There are currently eight such horses living in freedom, symbols of the absurd and unjustified alarm that has surrounded infectious equine anaemia.
We would encourage you to read the in-depth REPORT to learn more about this subject It was put together in collaboration with academics and experts in viral diseases.
Like us, you will be dismayed to discover how many healthy horses have been put down in Italy, how many are still living isolated existences in stalls, how many are under constant threat of being put down or slaughtered, because of a poor understanding of this phenomenon and the panic that was generated.
As you can see from the photos, our horses are in very good shape and enjoy excellent health, and it is the same for virtually all the horses that have tested positive across Italy. No horse has been infected nearby, these years.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank USL 11 of Empoli, and especially Dr. De Monte, Dr. Santini, Dr. Franceschini and Dr. Fera, for the collaborative spirit they have always shown towards us.
We are trying to make as many people as possible aware of this issue, so that no more healthy horses are killed out of ignorance.