...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



Cristal Sky

Cristal Sky is a young and very lively horse. She tested positive for Equine Infectious Anaemia in April 2007, at the time of the first control after the Minister’s decree. She lived for five years in a riding stables, so she was in contact with many horses, but all of them tested negative to EIA. Particularly, Cristal Sky had always lived with another horse belonging to the same owner, Black Sky, who also always had a negative result from the Coggins test. In March 2005 Cristal Sky gave birth to a foal, negative to the test as well.
When her owner decided to keep her alive and started looking for an appropriate place to keep her, she had a lot of difficulties and some Local Health Agencies tried to discourage her, suggesting to her that euthanasing Cristal Sky was the best solution. But her owner went ahead without any doubts, working hard to clarify the isolation guidelines that Local Health Agencies often interpreted in different ways.
Cristal Sky, after spending one year being cared for by a girl at a place which respects the guidelines clarified by CRAIE (National Reference Centre for Infectious Anaemia), has lived here since July 2008, happily free in a small herd of other EIA positive horses.