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Pioggia was seized in Agropoli in 2011 and she is in her own way "famous" for being the mother of Libero (literally Free), the foal that was born at our Rescue Centre and to whom we wanted to give this symbolic name: in fact, she was pregnant when she arrived from the Campania region in an Italian Army vehicle. By clicking on the links below you will find the photos and video that tell the story of the seizure as well as of the birth of Libero, and the treatment he underwent because of the periarthritis contracted when he was born.

She has always lived in peaceful coexistence in group with other horses, never detaching himself from her foal, with whom he has maintained a very strong bond over all these years.

Pioggia developed a rather serious disease in November 2020: a severe arthrosis in the fetlock joint with detachment of a small piece of bone (a precise medical-veterinary description can be found in the footer). We noticed this because from one day to the next she began to limp heavily and the area affected was swollen: it shows up clearly on the X-rays.

Pioggia can live with this problem provided that from now on she stays on flat land where she doesn't have to bend her leg to walk up and down a slope. The situation may get worse over time and the joint can erode, but it could also stabilise leading only to mild lameness. Now, after the medical treatments, she’s walking quite well and it almost seems as if she’s not limping.

To help us pay the vet costs and for the preparation and maintenance of special areas for Pioggia and for the other elderly horses with more or less serious arthritis, you can long-distance adopt Pioggia and thus have a special old friend that you can come and visit at the Rescue Centre.

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Diagnosis by Dr. Paolo Cevese, veterinary surgeon: Pioggia’s right front limb shows severe intercarpal arthrosis resulting in joint collapse, periarticular proliferation and a displaced fragment from an old fracture of the radial carpal bone. There is a change in structure with eburnation of the medial bones of the proximal and distal rows of carpal bones.