...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



Rescued by IHP: the story of Peppy


A situation we have been following for years: a clear example of superficiality, recklessness, and even indifference from the authorities.

Peppy is only 15 years old, although he looks twice that age: so thin and weak, yet with a strong will to live, as demonstrated by his neigh, faint but proud. What worries us the most is his problem with his front feet: in the coming days, he will undergo X-rays and other specialist examinations, in addition to the one already done before his departure to ensure he could handle the journey. The name on his passport, long and complicated, suggests he probably comes from a high lineage of horses used in American riding. For simplicity, we have shortened it to Peppy.

In collaboration with Oasi EquiLuna - Well-being for Horses and People, whom we thank for accepting this challenge with us, we will do our utmost to give him the future he deserves.

?? In this video, the stages of his rescue and transfer.

?? Here is the FULL account of his story: watch it to understand how all this was possible.

Follow his recovery journey through our channels.

Thank you for your support, without which we could not handle such situations and all related costs: IHP is an independent association that does not receive public funds for horse protection activities, nor money from the courts in case of seizures.

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