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Join IHP team

Join us in defense of horses, donkeys, mules and hinnies! We have much work to do every day and your help, big or small, can make all the difference

IHP is involved on many fronts: denunciation of mistreatments, checking abuse reports, support to the law enforcement authorities, promotion of new laws to protect horses, psycho-physical rehabilitation of the sequestrated animals saved from mistreatment and slaughter, dissemination of scientific knowledge, fundraising to support the different activities (IHP does not receive public money and is entirely financed by donations).

There are many ways to support IHP with your work.
You can collaborate even in your home area and just for a few hours per month: any time that you can spend will still be a great help!

If you want to become a volunteer and take care of the horses, IHP manages the first rescue Center in Italy for equines that were mistreated and seized from abusers, offering hospitality to volunteers throughout the year.
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IHP Rescue Center: a unique, exciting and engaging experience
Volunteering at IHP requires passion and commitment, but is a unique and rewarding experience!
It is exciting and addicting, because it offers an opportunity for one to be among horses, to take care of them, to deepen one’s knowledge of their nature and an opportunity to work and interact with teams of people from various parts of the world!
Italian Horse Protection manages the first rescue Center in Italy for equines that were mistreated and seized from abusers. Here, the horses live free in large spaces and in packs.
The Center, recognized by the Italian Health Ministry in 2009, currently hosts 50 equines, many of whom were seized by Italian judicial authorities.
IHP welcomes volunteers from all over the world. We are looking for passionate and motivated people who are keen on volunteering and would like to help in the daily work of the Centre – both for short and longer durations The volunteering activities comprise of: preparing food for horses, monitoring their health, cleaning their stables and outdoor environment and assisting in their therapies.
The daily routine activities also involve lifting and carrying buckets of food or hay, washing buckets, and walking in the center to monitor & take care of the horses (the horses live free in many hectares of land).
The work is voluntary and unpaid, and is done almost entirely outdoors.

We require minimal experience in handling horses from the volunteers (in some cases we can accept volunteers with no experience) - gentle approach, flexibility of schedules, sense of responsibility and spirit of adaptation.
The minimum voluntary period required is three weeks.
The daily work takes about 5-7 hours a day, but in case of emergencies there are no time limits.
There is a day off per week, decided by IHP based on the needs of the Center.

In addition to the initial training, you will receive basic training about the natural management of the horses, management of the equine elderly, barefoot, feeding, equine psychology.

Our volunteers are housed in an apartment located inside the Recovery Centre. We offer free accommodation and food: we buy the food and the volunteers do their own cooking and keep the rooms, linen and crockery clean.
The apartment is equipped with a washing machine, blankets, sheets, towels, pillows, kitchen utensils, stoves, fireplace and Wi-Fi.
Volunteers may also come from different countries and/or continents, so a little effort is required in sharing common rules.

We often work with horses who have suffered abuse or neglect, so some of them are in poor condition and in need of care. We have some of the elderly horses (30+ years of age) that must be handled with specific care and attention.
We do not support “work by animals” in any way: IHP is opposed to trading of equines for any purpose, using them in competitions and any other type of activity that does not respect their ethological characteristics and their dignity.
Our idea is that each animal has the right to live as long as she or he can lead a normal life, without suffering. That’s why we don’t support or encourage slaughter of horses who are no longer carry out tasks: our horses live their entire lives enjoying their freedom, social life and their welfare.

Winters can be very rainy, that makes most of the outdoors muddy .
It rarely snows and the temperatures drops below freezing only during nights in December-February. Summers can be very hot in July and August: during the day temperatures can reach 30 degrees C. However, overall, the area of Montaione has a mild climate: our center is on a hill, about 300 meters above sea level.

Please note: In case of our positive response, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and pay a deposit of € 100 (one hundred euro). The deposit will be returned at the end of the volunteering period. It will not be refunded in case of your cancellation of the volunteering period or in case of your early termination of the period.