...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



PAOLA - October 2020

This summer, on 13th August, I went to visit the Centre. Last September I had remotely adopted Lapo and had Grifo adopted by the school where I work. The experience I lived that day was indescribable. I was greeted by Giulia who literally took me to the horses and introduced them to me one by one. She told me how you apply the aerosol to the asthmatic horses and how the older ones are placed near the fans, as we would do with our elderly humans to protect them from the heat. I saw their wonderful fur and the firm but sweet gesture with which Giulia made them back off when they became too intrusive (I must specify that I loved it when they rummaged with their muzzle in the bag of chopped carrots that I had brought them). Love, beauty, dedication, I returned home with my heart overflowing with joy. I thought I had spent the money on sponsorship very well. Three days later my mother died. I know it may sound strange but the wave of pain was mitigated by the fact that I had seen so much love. I am sure that if I had not been in Volterra I would have suffered much more. Maybe I had to come there and then face what awaited me, a bereavement. Thanks to you for what you do to the horses but also for what you have done to me. I have renewed adoption today for both Lapo and Grifo. Paola