...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



MARGAUX - April 2022

At IHP I spent a wonderful, intense and enlightening month that I will treasure.

I recommend to anyone who has the will to get involved to make a contribution to an association that truly cares about the protection and welfare of horses, donkeys and mules. In this type of reality, animals are the stars of the show. We work daily to guarantee their physical and mental health, their rights and freedom.

It is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience that spurs you to go beyond your mental and physical limits. At first the work is tiring and stressful; you have the impression of not being able to do anything, but with attention, patience and the desire to learn, day after day you acquire more understanding and practical knowledge of the work to be done.

To those who are afraid of jumping into a world of horses, donkeys and mules without any past experience, I would say don't worry because what you experience at the Rescue Centre will overcome all obstacles. I arrived at IHP without ever having had any experience with horses, though I never considered this a real obstacle. In fact, perhaps it was an advantage because I had no expectations whatsoever.

Horses are magical animals, always listening and observing; they perfectly perceive your state of mind and get to know you in no time. If you have the patience to wait and listen, respecting their time and space, they teach you the best way to approach them and create a pure and completely natural bond.

For me, it was fortunate to have had the opportunity to discover and get to know horses in a reality in which these animals all share a peace of mind that stems from the respect given to their nature, to the possibility of living in harmonious groups and thus creating social bonds that are essential for their personal needs.

I still have so much to learn about horses and surely the right way to do this is returning to IHP!!

Finally, as in any new environment you arrive in, the people you meet are crucial and I consider myself lucky.

A special thank you to Sonny for his patience, kindness and helpfulness. The work that he carries out with so much passion, strength and determination in spite of many difficulties, has no equal.

Thanks to Anna for being there for me, for sharing special moments and for the long chats that have enriched me a lot. Her passion for these animals is immense.

Thanks to Roberta for her initial tips and for the kindness she showed to me during my stay.

Thanks to Natalie, Amanda, Silvia and Alessandra who have been fantastic fellow adventurers always ready to help and support me with their kindness and generosity.

I strongly believe that an association like IHP should be supported in every possible way, as the mindset that drives all their actions is unique and must be spread as much as possible if we really want to change the future for these free-spirited animals.