...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



CHRISTOPHE, Belgium - August 2019

I’ve spent around three weeks in this place. An absolutely unforgettable experience. I’ve done almost 30 different volunteer experiences in my life and this one is on my top 5 for sure! A lot of other volunteers, specially Italian girls. We were 14 people at some point. You don’t need to be a horse specialist but of course it’s necessary to feel comfortable with animals. There are about 50 horses. There’s fully of things to do, and the rhythm can be quite hard sometimes, but it’s very rewarding. You need to wake up early and work until around 10am and then you’re more or less free during the day. You work again in the evening a few hours before the dark night arrival. The horses are amazing and once you get to know them it’s a very beautiful feeling. Sonny is a very calm and positive person, I didn’t saw him a lot as he left to Calabria to visit his family but the raw moments I’ve spend with him where definitely interesting. He can teach you a lot about horses and how they should actually be treated if humans knew them better. I’ve created strong links with other volunteers and workers from the association, with who I shared a little apartment (be prepared to some mess up sometimes, not always easy to share the same space with a lot of people). It’s quite difficult to express with words what this place is able to do to your body and your soul, but I’ll definitely try to go back there at some point. I recommend this association to everybody who is ready to be in a remote place (even if there’s a little agriturismo next to it) and experience a kind of rural life working with horses. They always need help, specially out of the summer season.