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they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



Our Staff

[EXTERNAL COLLABORATOR] Emanuela Valle, veterinary

Dr Emanuela Valle, DVM, PhD, is an Associate Professor of the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Torino. She is European Specialist in Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition of the EBVS (European Board of Veterinary Specialisation®). She teaches equine welfare, equine nutrition for wellbeing, and animal nutrition. She is vice-coordinator of the School of Specialisation in Pathology and Healthcare of Companion Animals. She is the delegate of the Director as President of the ECM Commission (Continuous Learning in Medicine) of the Veterinary Sciences Department. She heads the equine nutrition for wellbeing section of the Specialised Teaching Unit of the Veterinary Sciences Department, and is on the teaching team for the doctorate. She has been a horse lover, and a keen observer of them from childhood, putting her passion into practice caring for her horses and her dogs.


Rachele Malavasi is a science popularizer and specialist in ethology for the School of Ethical Riding (SEE). She has conducted research in the field of inter-species cooperation between bird species and inter-species communication between man and horse, with the support of the CNR (National Research Council) and the collaboration with the Vienna Veterinary University (Messerli Institute). She currently collaborates with the Universities of Turin and Bologna on thesis projects related to equine ethology (cognitive bias, innovative thinking), which are carried out at EquiLuna A.S.D.  (MS), of which she is vice-president and where she helps with the natural management of paddocks with a group of about 20 domestic horses.  She will soon start working as one of the lecturers involved in the Master's degree course in "Horse Behaviour and Management of Horse Welfare" at the University of Bologna. She has been interviewed about her researches and the cognitive-relational approach to horses by National Geographic, Radio2, Radio24. Her desire for dialogue with people on concrete problems relating to their relationship with horses has inspired her to integrate scientific knowledge with practice, until she obtained the title of Basic Ethical Horse Riding Trainer in 2015. She currently holds theoretical and practical seminars throughout Italy and collaborates with L’Arca di Noè (Noah's Ark) with a monthly column in the paper magazine.