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Show jumping - shocking events at a jumping competition in Rimini Province: a horse dead after competing and a dog tortured and killed by a rider


(9 August 2014)

Yet another horse dies during a competition, one more in the long list of animals who have died this year in a wide range of disciplines (read our article).

Kregou Brecourt crashed to the ground straight after completing his round, and all attempts to revive him failed. The cause of death has not been announced, but even more unacceptable is that the investigation was carried out by FEI itself, in the role of both investigator and investigated at the same time. After so many deaths the doubts begin to look like a well-founded suspicion: is there a direct connection between the training programmes competition horses are put through, and these deaths at the competitions themselves?

Added to this shocking news about Kregou Brecourse, the first press reports are coming through about another incident, on the same day - 7 August - where a rider kicked and attacked a dog with a muck rake. It appears that the man had quarrelled with his fiancée, and having kicked her dog and jabbed at it with a muck rake, he stuffed it into a plastic bag and set fire to it. This morning the news that the dog died is circulating in the social network.
The initial investigation by the Carabinieri appear to leave little doubt of guilt. Read the article here.