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Dead horse at Rome–Capannelle: no answers from ASSI-UNIRE


(28th May 2012)

We aren’t able to get answers about the sad end of Mister Red Shine, the Thoroughbred dead at Capannelle (Rome racecourse)on Sunday 20th May. IHP wrote a letter on the day after the horse’s death, asking some clarifications to Hippo Group (the racetrack’s management firm) and Assi-Unire (the authority supervising over horse races).

We especially wanted to know if:
- It was true the horse was destroyed on the racetrack as result of a fall that caused a very serious fracture;
- What kind of injuries the horse suffered and what it was the dynamic of the fall;
- If it was true the horses were running under the rain as reported by witnesses.

Alas, as we said above, an absolute silence fell over this death too. In the meantime, we got more doubts as we watched the video of the race: if you look closely (especially at 1.46 minute), you can see the horse progressively losed ground in the stretch, while the amateur female jockey continued to whip him, until the horse fell down.
Eyewitnesses told us the horse tried to get up, but kept on falling down. At this point it was made the decision to destroy him. He was only four year old.

So, what it was the cause? Did the horse break down while running and then fell, or was the injury a result of the fall? Had he been checked before the race by the racetrack veterinarian? Was the fall caused by the rain-slick turf?

We would also like to know if the commissaries took disciplinary action against Hayley Moore, the amateur jockey riding Mister Red Shine that day because, according to the race video, she seems to have broken at least two of racing rules:
-using the whip with the arm raised above the shoulder;
-using the whip on a unresponsive horse.

More in detail, was the latter action fatal for Mister Red Shine? Squeezing a clearly exhaust horse can have caused his fall?

We would like for ASSI-UNIRE or another competent authority – so busy in revamping a sector in complete crisis, of image too – to give some answers to our doubts, to explain us what happened and what kind of disciplinary actions were taken against Hayley Moore.

Watch the video