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IHP is looking to hire new employees to work with horses at the Rescue Centre


The President: “At a difficult time like this, where so many people have unfortunately lost their jobs in the crisis triggered by the pandemic, we are offering employment opportunities to help horses”

IHP is looking to hire new employees to take care of the animals hosted at the Rescue Centre in Montaione (Florence): our horses are mostly rescued from mistreatment and slaughter, entrusted to the care of IHP by the Courts after their seizure. 

"IHP was the first Rescue Centre for mistreated horses to be granted permission to operate by the Ministry of Health in 2009 – explains President Sonny Richichi -.  These animals have suffered a lot and are in need of medical care and psychological rehabilitation to return to a state of well-being and balance.  The horses at the IHP Centre live in a semi-wild state. The Association has created an environment for them that is as close to their natural environment as possible. They live in herds and graze in spacious pastures with their peers, leading a comfortable and natural social life. Because this is what horses are meant to do and not to live always locked in stalls, train, run or even be slaughtered. " 

The person IHP is looking for – in collaboration with the other staff members - will take care of horses on a daily basis, prepare and administer therapies and food, as well as tidy the infirmary and paddocks. 

These are the candidate requirements:

- management of horses and other equidae, in particular elderly or with illness;

- in-depth knowledge of the association and its activities at national level;

- willingness to move to near the Centre;

- good relational and organizational skills;

- flexibility with regard to working hours

To apply you should send a letter of application and your CV via e-mail to: lavoro@horseprotection.it