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IHP, another horse dies at the Tignano Rescue Centre


IHP, another horse dies at the Tignano Rescue Centre, bringing the count to 19 unexplained deaths.
ASL and Carabinieri at the scene.

At 8.35 this morning yet another horse at the IHP (Italian Horse Protection) Rescue Centre in Volterra died suddenly, witnessed by the staff of the Centre, who were going about the morning routine, feeding and watering the horses.  26 year old Lady Agata, suddenly collapsed to the ground, thrashing around as if in great pain, and was dead just three minutes later.

Up to the moment she collapsed, she seemed totally normal, in good health, with no symptoms or signs of discomfort. She had no known medical condition. The circumstances and the way she died were identical to those of two other horses on 18th October and 17 November of this year.

The Association has set in motion the procedures for suspected poisoning, as required by law from the Ministry of Health and the Regione Toscana.  The ASL and the CarabinieriForestali of Volterra immediately went to investigate the case, and an autopsy is underway. 

This tragic wave of sudden deaths of fit and healthy horses began two years ago on 18th December 2018, and with Lady Agata the number has now reached 19 horses. To date, there is no explanation, in spite of numerous investigations conducted by the Pisa Istituto Zooprofilattico, and the many expert opinions sought, both within Italy and abroad. This absence of a clear cause of death obviously leaves us open to various hypotheses,the two principle ones being an environmental phenomenon, the other, deliberate criminal acts of poisoning.  For the Association this creates a constant anxiety for the wellbeing of the animals, plus the question of how best to prevent further incidences, given that the deaths have continued even though the management of the horses has been changed as seems appropriate.



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