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IHP: three horses dead at the Tignano rescue centre (Volterra)


Three horses died last week at the Rescue Centre run by IHP (Italian Horse Protection) in Tignano. The first death occurred on Monday 20th and involved a 28-year-old horse. The other two deaths - horses aged 26 and 16 - occurred on Wednesday 22th. All the deceased animals were apparently in good health and the dynamics of the deaths are the same as those that took place in 2019, the latest in October.

Following these new deaths, the investigation process provided for in the High mortality protocol of the Veterinary Preventive Medicine Institute of Pisa and the North-West Local Health Authority, with the involvement of the Carabinieri (as suspected malicious intent has never been excluded), was reopened.

The Centre was gradually recovering from the emergency management which started after the deaths in October: on 20 December a meeting was held at the Veterinary Preventive Medicine Institute in Pisa with consultants from IHP, the Local Health Authority, Tuscan Regional Authority and the Ministry of Health, where a shared plan for the experimental reintegration to pasture, which began in January, had been agreed.


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