...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



ESSERE - 2021 Calendar

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ESSERE is far more than just a calendar, it is a work of art that tells us the magical story of horses.  

Italian Horse Protection once again chooses empathy, contact and mutual respect as a unifying thread for the 12 months of its new calendar, which is useful and functional, but above all full of connotations.  When we talk of horses and the daily commitment of our Association, the grim stories and pictures juxtapose with those moments of pure poetry which these special, yet so often abused, animals offer us.  Our calendar brings a message which is also a wish: that the purity of their nature wins over brutality.

Here, as the images unroll, doing gives way to being.  People and horses come together and tell a story of a world where they can live as equals, without subordination. It is an exchange: horses know how to repay our care and attention – by teaching us to listen to ourselves, they bring us authenticity, trust, acceptance, and the essential balance between strength and fragility. They give us whatever we ourselves are ready to accept and understand. 

Our calendar has been crafted by professionals who have given their time and skills free of charge. 

Special thanks go to photographer Francesco Caruso.

Graphics by taleoftales

Special thanks also to Academy Model Management for executive production. 

Thanks go to  Anna Vannucchi, Giulia Cabona and Francesca Genesin for organisation.

Photos: Laura Betto, Anna Bardi, Chantal Fisher, Lisa Bassi, Isabella Giacometti, Elena Bragato. 

Makeup and hair styling: Francesca Sattin

Fashion designer: Yevgeniya Rudyk 

13 shots, 6 models, 13 horses. 


Measurements: 35cm x 48cm





The proceeds from the sales of the 2021 calendar will be used to support one of the Association's many projects: finding a new space to house the seven seropositive horses entrusted to the care of IHP. The horses are currently on land in the municipality of Montaione (province of Florence) which must return to the hands of the owner by the end of March 2021.

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