...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...




Grifo was born on 2 June 2018.  His mother was one of the horses legally seized in Lunghezza, Rome, along with more than 60 other animals who had suffered cruel treatment for many years. They were taken away to safety, thanks to joint action by Italian Horse ProtectionLegambiente, Progetto Islander and the Donkey Sanctuary. 


Grifo’s mother was one of the many ponies waiting to be adopted, then her foal was born, out in the field  After a few days he began to present a serious problem with his eyes and was rushed to the Perugia Veterinary Clinic, where a very grave bacterial and fugal keratitis was diagnosed in both eyes. The vets tried everything possible to save his eyesight, but in vain: Grifo was permanently blind. 

This put the vets in the position of having to consider euthanasia, given that the management of a foal just a few days old with such a serious handicap, and the need to teach him how to live at liberty, would need someone with very special and particular skills indeed. 
And so we decided to bring him back to the IHP Rescue Centre (where we have successfully managed blind horses in the past), where we will slowly help him to grow up strong and healthy, with his mother as his guiding eyes.