...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



ROBERTA - October 2020

How to describe an indescribable experience?

 I wondered for a long time and thought of all possible adjectives, but then I realized that none would do justice to what I have felt, and so I decided to simply tell my experience at IHP. Each volunteer arrives with his own motivations, I liked the idea of ??being in contact with animals, but apart from that there was an association which also provided legal protection. 

At IHP I have heard of hard and cruel stories that have marked the past life of horses, but every time I have stopped to look at them I have been certain that now they will be protected and loved.

 This experience is unique, I learned slowly (even if with some of them it was almost love at first sight) to love them, to play with them, to make fun with them, to enjoy hearing the noise of the hooves on the pebbles or the neighing that get lost in the wind. I weaved improbable chatter and conversation with them and got lost in their looks. It was a path in which I felt like I was building a mosaic and where every piece, whether it was love, empathy, happiness, sometimes fear or concern, fitted perfectly into  place.  

 In this incredible mosaic that I loved so much, Giulia, Ben and Sonny helped to fill the drawing. Each of them, with the nuances of their character, their patience and their skills, have helped me to enjoy this moment to the fullest. And last but not least, Lorenza and Mirjam, my wonderful adventure companions. So, how to describe an indescribable experience? 

I don't think we can, but certainly a sincere thank you, which even if it seems small  is said with the heart, I hope will be enough.