...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



MARTA, Italia - June 2015

My volunteer time with Italian Horse Protection was a really great experience. I was able to really observe horses free to live in herds in wide open spaces. Every day brought new joys: the delight of a curious nuzzle, the tenderness of two huge eyes looking attentively at you, silky coats against your hand, the affection between two horses grooming each other, the energy that comes off the herd as it runs together or just grazes quietly on the hill. Sometimes I myself felt part of that herd, indescribable.
It was wonderful to see how happy these horses are in spite of the horrors they have lived through, enjoying here the bliss of freedom.
Heartfelt thanks to the horses, and to all those people who care for them daily, with such affection.