...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



TAIBAH - August 2023

Bonding with the Horses in Montaione

Sitting at the heart of Tuscany, Italian Horse Protection is the perfect place to bond with horses. It is an excellent way to show our commitment towards supporting animal’s right and standing against animal abuse. Surrounded by beautiful hills, the sanctuary is home to beautiful rescued horses where they live comfortably in a natural environment.

For me it was a totally new experience, where I made a lot of new equine friends - Stella, Libero, Grifo, Valentino, Sandy and many others. As a beginner, I learnt a lot about communicating and befriending horses as well as taking care of their diet, medication and physiotherapy. It was an absolutely relaxing experience to groom horses while at the same time enjoying a highly captivating view. Caring for senior horses, I realized how they too need special treatment like senior human beings.

The team, under the leadership of Sonny, was highly cooperative and welcoming. It was a great intercultural experience to work with volunteers from various countries and make new human friends as well. I totally recommend it for people who love animals, and are, in particular, passionate about horses!