...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



CHARLOTTE - October 2022

After having some of my most motivating kayaking in Millau (big thanks to @agatasj ), I got reminded again why I fell so in love with the sport. Already feeling in general a bit better after this amazing weekend, I drove to Italy to volunteer at IHP (Italian horse protection) to see how it is, if you do something with a bigger, deeper meaning, than just for the reasons of having fun or earning money. It was very good, but even better and more important were the women I met there. It feels so much I met them exactly at the right time.! And in just two weeks my life feels a bit more balanced and at ease. A lot through just being so welcomed by them, living and talking with them, even though they most likely did not even notice how much they helped me. So big thanks to you Amanda, Margaux and Renée.
And with the volunteering. It will for sure not be my last time. Could I work something like that now full time.? Like give up basically all my life for one (very good) thing.? No, not yet, maybe far ahead in the future. But I would like to integrate volunteering more in my current life and for sure I want to start donating regularly to organisations like IHP. Organisations who are working relentless for animals or others who are less privileged. Maybe you think now that donating money seems like the easy way out. Maybe it is. A bit. In some way. But that takes nothing, really nothing, away from how important donations are for these organisations.! They need money to do literally their work and also not having to worry about money gives them time and energy to fight even more for their cause. Because let's be really honest with each other. Do we really need another piece of clothing or this new gadget.? Do we really need to spend money for new things we already have or don't really need.? Why not for a change donate money, or adopt a rescue animal.? Because they really need it.! So let's share.
You see on the picture my favourite horse Valentino, who you need to scratch real good to keep him a happy cookie.