...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



GIULIA - August/September 2021

IHP isn’t only about the welfare of horses, it’s also very much about their liberty.

My volunteer time at its Rescue Centre awakened me to the reality of horses and their world – you discover something new in everything they do, and they possess that serenity, nourished by IHP, which gives their true nature totally free rein.

I’ve loved animals since I was a kid, and horses have always had a big effect on my emotions, but what I experienced at IHP taught me that what I have always perceived as the world of the horse was, in fact, totally wrong. Everything I learned about horses here, at IHP, I have carried away with intense joy, and every lesson I learned here – from the toughest to the happiest – will remain part of me forever. As Roberta explained to me very clearly, life working at the Centre is exhausting - yes that’s true, but I never once felt the need to give up, because horses know how to reward you, as so few others do!

IHP for me was the trigger for change, for personal growth. It was also an experience that impacted very positively on me, and drew me closer to the free spirit of these animals, who give a silent gift that is impossible to describe. I have boundless respect for the staff of IHP for the work they do daily, without stinting, for the horses, and all the love I can feel goes to these horses, who are living what every animal deserves to live – the freedom to be themselves.