...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



IHP relocation, October 2014

Return Gallery
Abbiamo creato quest’album per raccontare le varie fasi del trasloco dalla vecchia sede alla nuova e per mostrarvi quanto sarà difficile e oneroso. Sosteneteci con un contributo, di qualunque importo: adesso più che mai abbiamo bisogno di aiuto! DONATE AD

Press articles – 14 October 2014
2. The new office – Irene busy painting
Max clearing the new fields
A volunteer helping move stuff in his car
So many volunteers helped us the weekend of 11-12 October
So many volunteers helped us the weekend of 11-12 October
The first stages of clearing the fields goes on
Sonny on the hill
Giulia clears the land
Melissa and Francesca clearing the ditches
Francesco working on the new fencing
Max and his tractor!
Volunteers transporting fence posts for the new paddocks
Paolo and brambles...
Some jobs required hiring heavy digging machinery
Some jobs required hiring heavy digging machinery
Massimo constructs a shelter for Arturo the pony and Domingo
Oriano lays the piping for the automatic waterers
Everyone working tirelessly
So many fantastic volunteers also the weekend of 18-19 October
Cutting rubber tubing to secure the metal posts
Lapo straightens the old posts
24. Bianca assists in cutting back brambles
Mending a roof
The roof is now functional
Such a lot of rubbish
...ground clearing continues...
...ground clearance sorted!
Transfer of the horses began o 31 October 2014
Enette and Sissi ready to leave
Arrived safely!
A big Thank You to Marco Pagliai, with his horsebox and his expertise
Enette in her new paddock
Stella, the blind horse, and her inseparable friend the old pony Miranda
The oldies all travelled without a hitch. Now they are enjoying their new pastures
Saturday 1 November: a long day but we moved 42 horses
Saturday 1 November: a tunnel of hay bales guides them into the lorry
The horses keep an eye on what’s going on
Saturday 1 November and it’s the turn of Inamorada and the filly foal Navidade
Sonny and Inamorada going towards the lorry
The two horses ready to go up the ramp
And the others continue to keep a curious eye on things
....and now they are off, towards their new home!
Inamorada and the filly Navidade free with the herd in their new home
Tuesday 4 November – Greystone and Sonny wait for the horsebox
Rosso was not at all sure about this...
...but in the end he gave in and went up the ramp...
...and they are ready to leave!
Sugar, the last one to arrive at the new rescue centre, by moonlight!