...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



#BARDO the comics

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It is with great pleasure that we present an important new feature: BARDO, the comic character created by the talented Sergio Trama, inspired by BARDO who has been the mascot of IHP for many years.

Bardo, with his impertinent, ironic, astute and wise manner, will tell us about the days at the recovery centre with the many anecdotes linked to the horses, the staff and the volunteers, and will offer us pearls of knowledge about the life and wellbeing of quadrupeds.

Between a smile and an irreverent joke, we are sure that Bardo will win you over!


Bardo and the steamer
Bardo and the steamer 2
Bardo and the steamer 3
#Bardo and the horse-drawn carriages
#Bardo and the horse-drawn carriages
#Bardo and the vermifuge 1
#Bardo and the vermifuge 2
#Bardo and the vermifuge 3
#Bardo and the cuddles 1
#Bardo and the cuddles 2
#Bardo and the hay 1
#bardo and the hay 2