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Freeing of the donkey and pony exhibited at San Miniato


(31 december 2014)

Thanks to the indignant reports of several citizens, we learned on Christmas Eve that a donkey and a pony had been placed in two different Christmas scenes in the Commune of San Miniato: isolated and continuously enclosed in restricted spaces, they were to remain there until January 6th, according to their owners. Both showed signs of anxiety and extreme discomfort, as can be seen in this VIDEO.

It should never be forgotten that equines, for their ethological characteristics, must always have ample space available in which to move about freely, and should live in the company of others of their kind, since they are animals that naturally herd together.

After having made a first inspection with our volunteers we contacted the Head of the local Police Force, who declared that he was unaware of the existence of these Christmas scenes.
We then telephoned to the Forestry Department of Pontedera, who came to inspect the place on Saturday, December 26. However the Police Chief declared that, in their opinion, “there was no reason to intervene” and that it was not even appropriate to call in the ASL (local Health Department), since the animals “appeared to be in good physical condition”.

At that point we contacted directly ASL 11 of Empoli, which fortunately took prompt action, confirming what we had reported and ordering that the donkey and pony be removed from these precarious scenes. And not only: in the course of the inspection it emerged that the owners had no authorization for keeping animals on display before the public in such places, and it even seems that the two equines were not correctly identified (verification that had been totally omitted by the Forestry Department).

We would like to thank the ASL of Empoli and the people who reported the situation to us. At the same time, we are asking local administrators and Police Departments to be more attentive to the wellbeing of animals and to take action on their own in case of unauthorized activities, or any that could consist of mistreatment.