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Prato, horse hit by a van: we ask for details of the unbelievable way this horse was subsequently transported, with broken bones (and then euthanised)


(23rd January 2014)

In a letter addressed to ASL4 of Prato – Veterinary Health and Hygiene – and to the Commander of the Municipal Police, we have requested details of an incident which took place on 20 January at the Parco di Bargo di Poggio a Caiano, which we learned of through the local press. In particular we have requested details regarding the way the horse was loaded and transported, when it had badly fractured limbs, in fact so badly fractured that it was later euthanised.

We have asked to see the evaluation of the vet in charge. If s/he considered the condition of the horse to be hopeless, how come s/he did not immediately put him down, in order to avoid any further suffering?
And if s/he considered the horse to have a chance of recovery, why was a proper veterinary ambulance not called, why was the horse lifted in a makeshift sling and transported in a totally unsuitable vehicle, and in a manner which certainly caused further suffering, given that the broken limbs were not even splinted?

We await a reply from the ASL and the Municipal Police, and will take legal advice on the matter.

Foto: Notizie di Prato

Video: Notizie di Prato