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The Islander Project and Italian Horse Protection


(20th January 2014)

Milan 1 and 2 Februrary 2014: a fund-raising Exhibition ‘Scatti di Libertà’ (‘Freedom Shots’), in aid of Italian Horse Protection and its mission to promote the wellbeing of horses and other equids in Italy.
On 3 February an auction (by invitation only) of all the photographic exhibits and of select products specially made for the cause by leading brands in the sector who have demonstrated a meaningful sensitivity towards the horse, above all an animal in its own right, to be respected for its nature, to be properly cared for and loved.
‘Scatti di Libertà’ is a part of the Islander Project created by Nicole Berlusconi in collaboration with Stefano Sapuppo. The project springs from a firm intention to assist mistreated horses and to raise public awareness around this issue.
The exhibition will be at Spazio Oberdan, Milan (viale Vittorio Veneto, 2) and consists of works by Milan photographer Francesca De Fazio, who found the world of horses through her friendship with Nicole Berlusconi, herself a rider from childhood, and Stefano Secchi, who for this occasion has taken fresh photographs of the horses he normally captures on sporting occasions, now in freedom, their most natural environment.

Sonny Richichi, Director of Operations at IHP explains “Our organisation is very young but has already laid the foundations for a real evolution of equine welfare in Italy, thanks to its work in the field so far – our hands-on rescue work – and our knowledge-base of equine wellbeing.
We are indebted to Nicole Berlusconi and Stefano Sapuppo, together with the photographers Francesca and Stefano, for their commitment and enthusiasm, and this event will be a superb occasion for fundraising and also to demonstrate to the public what we can achieve with their help”.

The exhibition contemplates the horse as symbol of strength (yet all too often the victim of cruelty), a creature of elegance and freedom (yet often forced to survive in appalling conditions). ‘Scatti di Libertà’ is not only a fun and fascinating occasion to contribute to the cause of the Italian Horse Protection Association, it is more than anything a celebration of the horse

IHP – Italian Horse Protection Association is a non-profit organisation operating throughout Italy on equine welfare. It runs the first - and at the present time the only – rescue centre for mistreated animals that have been legally seized on the basis of Law 189/2004. The centre was officially recognised by the Ministry of Health on 23 December 2009.
On the Filicaja estate the horses live in freedom in large spaces and receive physical and psychological rehabilitation, returning them to a state of wellbeing and balance.

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Scatti di Libertà
1 and 2 February 2014
Spazio Oberdan, viale Vittorio Veneto 2 - Milano