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Merano, more horses victims of jump races


(5th September 2012)

On 2nd September, two horses lost their lives on the Merano racetrack.

In the “Premio Lions Club Maiense” race, 4-year-old Catbar has been put down after breaking his homerus.

In the “Premio Richard” stakes, 5-year-old Nobel died as consequence of a disastrous fall.

We have no news about the other horses, as in both races only two runners reached the finish.
The dangerousness of the jump races and especially of the steeplechases, already clear on paper by the kind of course the horses must face, is demonstrated by the high number of incidents and dead horses all around the world (read our articles about Aintree and Nashville).

In Italy, the horse racing world keeps on crying out for help from the State to survive, but it is time it starts to care more for the fate of the animals, which is more important to the Italian citizens than the bets and the spectacle made on their expanses. In fact, we believe the huge decrease of the bets in the last years (Cavallo2000 article) is due, at least in small part, to this increased sensibility.

Watch the video of Premio Lions Club Maiense” race

Watch the video of “Premio Richard” stakes (falls at minute 1.15 and 2.15)