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The story of Nuvola


We recovered and rescued Nuvola at the end of June 2022, following a report by some tourists: we found her in a field, tied to a long rope, thin, dehydrated and affected by a severe form of laminitis in her front feet.

She had no microchip and, at least apparently, belonged to no one: impossible to trace her owner.  Thanks to the promptness of the Municipality of Gambassi Terme and the Local Health Authority of Empoli, in less than 24 hours she could be transferred to the Rescue Centre and examined by our vets.

Her hooves were in terrible condition. X-rays revealed all her past suffering: much to our bewilderment we found that part of the third phalanx (the "toe") was missing from both front legs, consumed by a form of acute laminitis certainly dating back years, never treated, which must have caused her severe suffering.
 Later, the laminitis became chronic, but she found a way to survive and live with this serious condition.

With gentle, daily hoof trimming supervised by a professional, we have given her a more natural and comfortable support.  Meanwhile, after initial support treatment with anti-inflammatory medications, we started a treatment with a product based on CDB and other natural substances, which is very effective in the long term and an excellent alternative to drugs.

We are succeeding in letting her live her last years more peacefully: Nuvola is quite old, in fact, and bears other signs, including those of numerous pregnancies.



the rescue, 24 June 2022

vet examinations and X-rays

Nuvola with IHP volunteers


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