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Pony tortured and killed in Sicily


IHP:  “Those responsible for this act of barbarism will not spend even a single day in prison. It is necessary to review the existing laws urgently”

“This goes well beyond mistreatment. This is barbaric, an inhuman act that cannot be accepted.”This is how Sonny Richichi, President of IHP describes the terrible story of the pony dragged by a car for miles and left dying on the side of the road in Acate, Ragusa, Sicily. 

 “Those who commit crimes of this kind in a civil society should not go unpunished – continues Richichi. Instead, unfortunately, in Italy we cannot yet call ourselves a civilised society because penalties that include imprisonment for those who commit such terrible and cowardly acts are practically never applied, despite the fact the law provides for them. Whoever tortured to death that poor animal will probably not spend a single day in prison: we must review the law and prosecute these crimes in an appropriate way”.

IHP immediately contacted the animal welfare organisation OIPA in Ragusa and the national OIPA, that will follow this matter very closely and give its full support to ensure due implementation of the law once the culprit is identified. To date, in fact, it is not known who committed the act: the Carabinieri are investigating and it is not excluded that the animal was stolen.