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IHP says no to the culling of Giglio’s wild sheep


IHP President, Sonny Richichi slams the ‘totally senseless decision’.

”We can only express utter contempt for the public bodies that claim they are resolving ‘problems’ concerning wildlife – questioning whether there are actual wildlife problems in the first place, given that these are caused by humans, not the animals themselves”, Sonny Richichi commented, regarding the decision taken by the Parco dell’Arcipelago Toscano, in the context of the project ‘Life LetsGoGiglio’, to allow the killing of some 40 or 50 mouflons on the island of Giglio, considered as non-indigenous animals, given that they were taken there in the 1950s (ironically, specifically to protect them).

This may not concern horses, but IHP cannot remain indifferent to such a callous and pointless hunting down. “Whatever the fundamental reasoning for this decision, measures of this kind cannot ever be justified, when there are different and more biodiverse-friendly courses of action, rather than this hypocritical juggling of  ‘welfare’ on the one hand and ‘killing’  on the other.  We would have expected a Regione such as Tuscany, considered to be at the forefront of biodiversity management, to come up with something different.”