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Many years ago, we were among the first in Italy to use a machine (a prototype at the time) to steam hay for horses that are allergic or sensitive to dust. Despite our best efforts, our steamer has suffered the ravages of time and has come to the end of its useful life.

We started looking for a new one and have been offered a machine that is as good as new for 995 euros from the Haygain company.

This is a costly investment for us and, therefore, just as we did 10 years ago, we are launching the "ADOPT A STEAMER" initiative to ask you to help us with a donation of any amount. Bardo, our asthmatic hinny, will be deeply grateful and happy to show you how it works!



Horses with chronic respiratory diseases—usually known in jargon as 'Bolso horses'—such as recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) need careful management and above all they need suitable hay where grazing is not possible. The hay must be free of respiratory irritants as these horses are very sensitive to particulate matter made up of dust and mould. Even if present in very small quantities, these irritants cause them to cough in a very short time, which may result in acute respiratory distress. Therefore it is necessary to feed them hay that is not only healthy, but also clean. Wetting the hay is useless, while soaking it in water for a few minutes will certainly reduce dust but not mould. The best way to treat hay is with steam, as it helps to reduce inhalable particles and bacteria load: in this way, the hay becomes healthier without losing its important nutritional properties.



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