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A new home in San Miniato for horses positive for equine infectious anaemia (EIA)


The seven horses testing positive for equine infectious anaemia and which IHP (Italian Horse Protection, the first Italian association for the protection of horses) has always taken care of, left for their new home in Corniano, municipality of San Miniato (Pisa) at dawn this morning. 

They symbolise one of the main battles that the association has been fighting since 2007 in order to have law recognise the progress of scientific knowledge: 'Horses that test positive for the equine infectious anaemia virus are healthy carriers that do not develop the disease and are not able to infect others,' explains IHP President Sonny Richichi. However, Italian legislation is mired in the past and still refers to largely outdated scientific evidence, that requires horses live in isolation: thanks to our battles and to the sensitivity shown by the Ministry of Health, in Italy we have won the right for HIV-seropositive horses to live free in herds, saving them from slaughter, as is the case of the group of horses that was moved to Corniano this morning. In other European countries, HIV-positive horses are still put down.’

Until now, the herd lived on a piece of land in the municipality of Montaione. However, following a change of ownership, the association was evicted: starting from today, they will live free and as a herd, respecting their behavioural needs, in Corniano where the association has rented the land from a private owner and where horses will be permanently looked after by a member of IHP’s staff. 




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