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Sets fire to the horse to punish him


It happened at the San Rossore racecourse in Pisa.

According to witnesses, on 12 May a flat jockey, C.D.S.  (also known to have taken part in some Palio horse races) took the horse back to his stable at the end of a training session and there, after spraying his coat with alcohol (which is sometimes used to dry sweat faster), set fire to him with a lighter, causing superficial burns.

The jockey was immediately expelled from the racecourse and the Carabinieri initiated an investigation after being informed of the situation.

It is not clear whether the shocking event was the result of a fit of anger or, as it would appear, the man was already accustomed to behaving violenty  towards horses in order to "punish" them for not being compliant during  training and exercises. IHP will follow the case and the investigation initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture, asking that appropriate measures be taken in both instances.