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Illegal race intercepted by the Police in Palermo


The criminal activities linked to illegal horse racing continue, despite the intervention of the Police (at the end of April, another race was intercepted by the Carabinieri).

This time the race was taking place at Parco della Favorita in Palermo where, besides the two horses with their sulky, there was a whole host of people - at least 100 - with motorbikes and cars, in line with the worst tradition.
Upon the arrival of the Police, they tried to make the jockeys run away with the horses but the police, whom we applaud, managed to stop one of them immediately and track down the other immediately afterwards.

The two horses were seized and entrusted to an equestrian centre.
Three people (the two alleged owners of the horses and a 21-year-old boy who was helping one of them to escape) were charged without arrest for criminal conspiracy to mistreat and abandon animals.


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