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5 CORAZONES, the documentary about the equine slaughter and the export of horse meat in Argentina


"5 Corazones" is the name of the original documentary film by Posibl. which reveals the cruel reality that horses suffer in Argentina, through an investigation of more than 3 years that shows a network of millionaire businesses and complicities in the business of equine slaughter and the export of horse meat to European countries.

The film that seeks to put pressure on the immediate ban on equine slaughter and the export of horse meat, shows the work of the NGOs Fondation Franz Weber in Argentina, Tierschutzbund Zürich (TSB) in Switzerland and Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) in Germany.



Today is the world premiere of the documentary “5 Corazones”, an original production by Posibl. which will feature the special participation of the actress and animal rights defender Liz Solari. After its premiere, the film will participate in International Festivals of films with social and environmental impact, evidencing the cruel reality of the dark business behind horse slaughter and the export of horse meat in Argentina.
At present, Argentina exports 60% of the horse meat consumed in the world; however, its internal consumption is prohibited and there are no specific places where horses are raised for this purpose. So where does the meat of the more than 200,000 horses that are slaughtered and exported annually to the European Union come from?

With revealing, exclusive material and unique access to its characters, the documentary film ¨5 Corazones¨ will narrate the true and cruel reality behind the lives of argentine horses that suffer all kinds of abuse from their birth to the moment of their death. Exposing cultural practices, sports, acts of corruption and dark businesses that severely harm the health of these animals, turning into different violations of animal abuse.

Equine slaughter has been practiced in Argentina for more than 100 years and is currently the main exporter of equine meat in the world. Beyond the closure of some slaughterhouses that carried out these practices, there are still many that continue to slaughter horses clandestinely. The animal abuse that is carried out through these actions and also cultural and sports practices such as dressage, polo, rodeos or activities such as blood traction, are the main factors of the use of the animal as an object based on their owners’ benefit or of third parties, not the equine. And also, the main places where after the useful life of the animal ends, the horse dealer delivers them to be transformed into a product for external consumption.

“In 2017, we began a deep investigation that lasted 3 years and revealed the extreme cruelty suffered by horses in Argentina. 5 Corazones is a film that forces us not to be indifferent to their pain from the abuses of human being and to redouble our efforts so that these nefarious practices end. Argentines deserve to know what happens to horses in the country, and Europeans the atrocities hidden in the meat they put on their plates and put in their mouths. It is time to say enough and that this noble animal can live in a noble society too”, expressed Martin Parlato, CEO & Founder of Posibl. and Director of the film.
The film that shows revealing images of what happened in the fields of horror in Ezeiza, the theft of horses, the equine slaughter, the complicity of the authorities and the cruel business of bleeding mares, has the locution of the renowned actress and animal rights defender Liz Solari, who declared “5 Corazones is a documentary that awakens, disturbs and deeply shocks you. It is essential to see it”.

In turn, the film also shows the work of activists and various NGOs in Europe and Argentina, who have worked for years to achieve this ban. “The horse today is the victim of all kinds of abuses based on the absolute denial of its natural ethology. Locked in pits, living in isolation, used in races, for work, for sports, they end their lives most of the time bled to death in a slaughterhouse and their body in pieces displayed in the shelves of European supermarkets... There is nothing worthy in the deal that we give them. Abolishing equine slaughter would be a fundamental step to recover some of everything that we took from them. And it would prevent hundreds of thefts of horses that are sold to slaughterhouses”, expressed Alejandra García, Director of the Equidad Santuario and Director of Franz Weber Argentina.

“5 Corazones” will premiere on September 29 worldwide registering a precedent that will seek to end the dark business and alarming violations around the life of horses, seeking to achieve a paradigm shift in society.

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