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Another two horses die at the IHP Rescue Centre


Another two horses die at the IHP Rescue Centre: we want answers

VOLTERRA - two more horses have been found dead at the rescue centre run by IHP, the first in the late afternoon of Thursday 17 October, the second in the early afternoon of the following day, 18 October. Both horses were in good health, and were members of the same herd. They were found in two different parts of their pasture. They were removed on Friday evening by the firm Petracchi, and IZS vets will carry out an autopsy prior to the bodies being incinerated. At the beginning of this year, there were 9 sudden and unexplained deaths. A tenth death led to referral for examination by the IZS, which excluded poisoning. There is currently no explanation for any of these deaths. Sonny Richichi, President of IHP, stated "To date there is no explanation for these deaths. The welfare of our horses is paramount in our priorities, and it seems that in spite of all our best efforts to protect them, we need concrete help, thorough, investigations in the shortest possible time, and clear answers, in order to be able to put an end to this massacre. We renew our appeal to all appropriate institutions to support us in our search for the causes of these deaths. We cannot accept that these deaths should go unexplained."


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Another horse died at IHP Rescue centre

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